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Phonic Reader A & BPre-primary Package

A complete learning and fun series from the Amity University Press. This is a pre-primary package for Nursery and KG standards. Lots of delightful activities and a new exciting approach to pre-primary concept building, all the books in the series have rich resources for students, teachers and parents. The activities have been designed to develop the different faculties of the child. The pre primary package series includes books on Number Fun, Activity Books, Cursive Strokes, Phonic Reader, Fun with Colours and Joyful World.

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Phonic Reader A & BEnglish Language Teaching Series

A comprehensive set of five books designed to teach and learn English in a simple and practical manner. All the books have been designed and conceptualized with a multi-dimensional, interactive and learner-centered approach. Several activities like vocabulary enhancement, interesting and age-specific text, creative writing, and pronunciation add more fun. Lively illustrations and simple layout make it an enjoyable read.
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Mathematics SeriesMathematics Series

A series of five mathematics books ideal for classes I to V, the mathematics series has been developed to sharpen the skills of the child. Activities for simple learning include problem-solving in a fun manner, tricks, tips and trivia to create and hold interest in the subject. Complex problems have been explained through simple and easy to understand techniques with a lot of puzzles, grids and number pattern activities to develop logical thinking.
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Environmental Studies SeriesEnvironmental Studies Series

The environmental studies series by the Amity University Press is an integrated, interactive approach to learning about environment. The books will aim to create awareness about the environment and its protection. Through simple activities, exciting games, poems and puzzles, the books will lead to the intellectual, social and spiritual growth of the child. All the books feature child friendly and colorful illustrations to hold the interest of the child.
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Mathematics SeriesValue Education Series

A complete set of five books by the Amity University Press to teach life-skills and universal values. The books aim to nurture basic moral values through meaningful stories, activities like think about it etc. It also offers ample activities for the teachers and parents to get involved with the child. Lives of great people are brought alive through animated sketches and illustrations.
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Phonic Reader A & BCursive Writing Series

A series of eight cursive handwriting books by the Amity University Press for pre-nursery and pre-primary standards. The books develop good cursive handwriting in a stress free way. Activities have been systematically graded to ensure fluid and well formed handwriting. Correct letter formation, strokes and patterns have been identified and discussed in detail for practice.

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Phonic Reader A & BRetold Classics

Stories that have held the children’s interests for ages – the retold series by the Amity University Press focuses on abridged classics and collections of short stories for the age group of 7-14 years. The books aim to inculcate good reading habits in the kids through colourful illustrations, word meanings, new words etc.

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Phonic Reader A & BRead Aloud Fairytales

Some of the most popular fairytales from around the world have been brought alive in the read aloud fairytales series by the Amity University press. Focusing on the age group of 5-8 years, the books endeavour to give an early start to the child’s reading habits. Well-experience writers have retold these classic tales to hold the interest of the kids aided by beautiful illustrations and sketches.

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Phonic Reader A & BAUP Worksheets

A new concept in education, worksheets make learning lessons a whole new fun experience. AUP has introduced worksheets for classes pre-primary to class V. The worksheets are available in most of the subjects taught in primary classes that are ideal for practice and reinforcement of concepts at the primary level. The activities included make lessons enjoyable through games, quizzes, puzzles etc.

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Phonic Reader A & BGeneral Books

Age old literature that forms an integral part of every childhood, the general books series by the Amity University Press include some of the same classics. Stories of legends, Jatak Kathas etc are a must read for improved development of the child inculcating good reading habits. Simple language and layouts makes them an interesting read.

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